The Institution is build on the robust fundamentals of persuing excellence in every aspect of teaching, pedagogy, academics and other areas of education. With a large knowledge pool of academic talent, prominent trustees with their wealth of experience are committed to create a world class institution with a local heart.

People are the most important element of the impressive infrastructure that the school has invested in. Thought leaders from varied backgrounds have been consulted to create the most modern, contemporary and value driven environment for every team member of this institution.



Dear Parents/Guardians, It is a great pleasure and I truly feel honored to be on board to serve ‘The Poddar Brio International School’ and the community at large as a Principal. To build capacity for school improvement it is important that there should be harmonious relationships built between different sectors and the most important thing is to keep the wellbeing of the students at the center of all kind of partnerships. The student learning should be designed to build culture of humanity and empathy so that the students could feel the life situations of others and act rationally. on student learning. As the person entrusted with being the face and flag bearer of the institution, I look forward to creating a positive, enduring and long lasting association with every member of the school, to provide the best possible educational and all-round experience to our students.

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high where knowledge is free where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls where words come out from the depth of truth…” The above lines written by India’s first Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, amply exemplifies the need for holistic development of an individual. I am enthusiastic to engage in my role and to continue my journey as an educator with effective leadership. We aim to provide ample opportunities to our students so that they excel academically, imbibe life skills and contribute positively to the society as future global citizens of the world. It is important in modern context to be able to think globally and act locally, while upholding our culture and tradition.

Being an upcoming school, there will be challenges, some known and some unknown. I look forward to tackling challenges that lie ahead with your support and cooperation. Together, I am sure, the journey that we embark upon, will ensure quality education, sustainable growth and development through necessary adjustments and policy decisions as deemed important by the school.

Wholesome educational process, in my opinion, is a remarkable amalgamation of unearthing the unknown and revisiting the known. The process involves assimilation, synthesis and propagation of thought processes of our young genre of learners and the need for them to be encouraged and guided on the right path. While academic excellence is our major thrust the school is also devoted to prepare our students for life, groom them to face challenges of tomorrow and encourage them to be socially relevant. Parents and teachers must co-operate in a productive way in order to nurture the young minds. We appreciate the parents for their unswerving support and association which gives us more strength and courage in our journey of creating our school as a bench mark of quality education.



Every child is like a seed which has the potential to grow if it is nourished with love and care under the right guidance. In the current challenging times it is essential that children should not only excel in academics but should also make students positive in thoughts and innovative in ideas. The motto of the school is to make students self-motivated, disciplined, confident and morally upright. School is committed to the promotion of education and human values. Childhood is the best time to lay the foundation of the core values essential for the overall development of the future citizen of tomorrow.

The extra-curricular activities are varied, enriching and exciting, where students will learn new skills and make life-long friends and associations. Students will be getting involved in visual and performing arts, in debates and sports; as they get enthused and will realize their full potential and learn to appreciate teamwork. In senior classes, they will have opportunities to take on leadership roles, where they will learn to accept and handle responsibility, manage and advise others and make fair and effective decisions. Strong transparent communication between home and school forms the basis for the caring, nurturing, family atmosphere that we consider essential to students. This atmosphere also promotes an excellence in teaching that results in high academic achievement and enables children to realize personal excellence at all levels. The teaching team of Poddar Brio International School are the perfect examples of all that is good; who are passionate, caring and non-partisan as they seek out the very best within every child. We welcome you here, to a world of learning in enjoyable ways, to a world where every child is challenged to grow to his or her potential.


The school meets all mandatory requirements as per the CBSE bye-laws. Below is the affiliation number.



Poddar Brio International School believes in providing children with an environment that integrates individual and group learning with playing, knowledge, reasoning, creativity, discipline & freedom – all into a seamless mix of experiences, discoveries and structured inputs. Poddar Brio International School is designed to be a true center of learning, a place where students enjoy the thrill of learning new things every day. Here learning is not an imposition, interference or a theft of freedom – but an excitement, and the key to a greater freedom than they have ever known. Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s vision for an educated community, Poddar Brio International School imbibes the spirit of creativity and co-curricular excellence that complements the academic learning beautifully.



The teachers in Poddar Brio International School are outstanding, enthusiastic, and creative and devoted to teaching, individuals who bring out the best in every student. The Poddar Brio International School teachers necessarily have:

  • Certification as a teacher from Government certifying authority.
  • An appropriate and required educational degree in the area of their expertise, to be the faculties in Poddar Brio International School.
  • Adequate teaching experience with innovative teaching techniques to engage every student in the classroom.
  • Passion to deliver the content with zeal and enthusiasm with creative instructional strategies,

Teachers are sent for teacher trainings, educational conferences and professional workshops in India and abroad. Novel and effective teaching methods are often introduced in the classroom environment to enhance classroom management and teaching learning process. Our optimal student-teacher ratio allows closer interactions between students and faculty, and simultaneously creates a lively intellectual environment. The teachers are sent for professional teacher trainings by CBSE and workshops by renowned authors of various curriculum books.

Name of the Employee Date of Joining Qualification Designation Department
Agnus Naidu 02 April 2018 HSC Assistant Teacher Pre-primary
Amruta Kaipel 04 April 2019 B.E. Assistant Teacher (Math)
Anagha Londhe 01 August 2018 B.A., ECCEd. Assistant Teacher Pre-Primary
Ankita Shah 23 April 2018 M.Sc. (IT) Assistant Teacher- G.K Primary
Anthony Dsouza 16 April 2018 M.Sc., B.Ed. Coordinator cum Vice Principal- Biology Academic
Anuradha Suryavanshi 05 October 2016 B.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- EVS Primary
Anushka Talreja 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Apeksha Salvi 01 April 2019 M.Sc., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (Science) Primary
Ashok Pandey 05 June 2019 B.A., Geog. (Hon.), B.A. Vocal Music (Hindustani),M.A. Vocal Music (Hindustani) HOD- Music Primaty & Secondary
Astha Bakshi 12 July 2017 M.C.A. Assistant Teacher- FIT Secondary
Babita Birajdar 01 April 2019 M.Sc., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (Math) Primary
Chandni Purswani 15 November 2018 B.Com, DELF, B-1 French Teacher Secondary
Deepa Darara 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Deepika Udasi 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Ekta Gavali 06 June 2016 B.Sc. (Computer Science) Assistant Teacher- FIT Primary & Secondary
Ekta Singh 01 April 2016 M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher Primary & Secondary
Girija Kanade 21 May 2015 B.Com, M.P.M, E.C.C.Ed (Diploma), B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- English Primary
Harshala More 30 May 2016 B.A., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- Marathi Primary
Hemalata Ahire 01 April 2019 M.A., B. Ed. Assistant Teacher (Marathi) Primary
Hemant Chodankar 09 February 2016 S.S.C, P.G. Dip. A. Ed., G.D. Art (Applied Art), CTC (Craft Teacher) I.T Support and Graphic Designer (Drawing, Art & Craft) Primaty & Secondary
Indraja Patil-Aland 13 April 2016 B.E. (Comp.Sci & Engg.) Assistant Teacher- FIT Primary & Secondary
Iona Noronha 28 June 2018 M.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- English Secondary
Jagdamba Prasad Pandey 04 August 2015 B.A, UGSS, B.Ed., M.A, TET, CET-Ph.D, NET H.O.D. Hindi Primary & Secondary
Jashree Tompe 01 June 2017 M.Com Assistant Teacher Pre-primary
Jasmin Dhumal 09 January 2017 B.Com., D. EI. Ed. Assistant Teacher Pre-Primary
Jasmine Sayyed 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Jeena Sreejit 01 April 2019 DTP, Home Sci. Assistant Teacher Pre-Primary
Juliya Palande 01 April 2019 MSC, B.Ed., NET, SET Assistant Teacher (Bio.) Secondary
Kanchan Sharma 21 May 2015 B.A., D.Ed, B. Ed- 2nd Year Assistant Teacher- Math Primary
Karishma Chaudhary 01 April 2019 B.A., M.B.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (Geography) Secondary
Kausar Shaikh 01 April 2019 M.A., B.Ed. Secondary
Kaveri Das 22 May 2015 B.A, Diploma in Dance Dance Teacher Pre-Primary to Secondary
Kavita Chaudhary 01 April 2019 M.Sc. (Math) Assistant Teacher (Math) Primary & Secondary
Khushbu Singh 02 April 2018 M.A Assistant Teacher- Hindi & Art Primary
Kripa Idnani 02 April 2018 HSC Assistant Teacher Pre-primary
Lakshmi Vineeth 01 April 2016 B.Sc., MSc., B.Ed. C.T.E.T Assistant Teacher- Biology Primary & Secondary
Laxman Ahire 04 June 2018 BFA, Art Masters Art Teacher Primary & Secondary
Malika Katare 01 April 2019 B.Com. Assistant Teacher (Math) Primary
Mamta Chouhan 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Manisha Madhwani 01 April 2019 B.Sc., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (Math) Secondary
Manjusha Patil 3-Apr-17 M.A. (Sanskrit), B.Ed. Assistant Teacher – Sanskrit & Marathi Primary & Secondary
Mansi Shinde 17 September 2018 B.A. Assistant Teacher- English Primary
Mohammed Siddiqui 20 July 2017 B.Sc.(Physics), B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- MAth Primary/ Secondary
Monica Vasyani 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Nabanita Brahmachari 21 May 2015 B.A (English), B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- English Primary & Secondary
Navita Budhwar 23 April 2018 B.A, M.A, B.Ed., CTET Ph.D.(Hindi) Assistant Teacher- Hindi Primary & Secondary
Neelam Paswan 21 May 2015 B.A, D.Ed, B. Ed- 2nd Year Assistant Teacher- Primary
Nikhila Purankar 11 June 2018 B.Sc. (Biotech), M. Sc. (life Sciences), B.Ed., HTET Assistant Teacher-EVS Primary & Secondary
Pallavi Gaikwad 21 May 2015 M.Phill. Sanskrit Assistant Teacher- Marathi & Sanskrit Primary & Secondary
Poonam Gupta 23 May 2015 HSC, D.Ed, M.A (Education) Assistant Teacher Pre-primary
Poonam Jaiswar 01 April 2019 M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (Hindi) Primary
Poornima Sonawane 01 April 2019 B.A. Assistant Teacher (English) Secondary
Prajakta Chavan 3-Apr-17 M.Sc., (Physical Chem.), B.Ed (1st Year) Assistant Teacher- Chemistry Primary & Secondary
Pranit Kumar 3-Apr-17 B.C.A., B.P. Ed. P.E. (Taekwondo)Teacher Pre-primary to Secondary
Pravin Lohar 09 April 2016 H.S.C., A.T.D Assistant Teacher-    Art & Craft Primary to Secondary
Prerna Pawar 02 April 2018 HSC Assistant Teacher Pre-primary
Priyanka Pandey 21 May 2015 B.A (English Lit.), E.C.C.Ed, B. Ed- 2nd Year Assistant- Teacher Pre-Primary
Punam Dhumale 01 April 2016 B.A, B.P.Ed. P.E Teacher Pre-Primary to Secondary
Punita Mishra 27 June 2017 M.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- S.St. Primary Secondary
Pushpa Gupta 01 July 2016  B.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- S.St. Primary & Secondary
Rajani Shrivastava 30 May 2016 B.Com, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher Pre-primary
Rajani Tambe 15 June 2018 B.A. (Eng. & Hist.), B.Ed. Primary Academic Supervisor- S.St. Primary
Rajesh Bhist 01 June 2018 B.A., M.P.Ed. P.E. Teacher Primary & Secondary
Rajesh Railkar 02 April 2018 B.Com., M.B.A. Assistant Teacher Secondary
Rakesh Pandey 09 June 2016 M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed.,TAIT Assistant Teacher- Math Secondary
Rashmi Singh 23 February 2015 M.Sc.(Physics), B.Ed. C.E.O Management
Reshma Attada 25-Apr-17 H.S.C., D.Ed. Assisitant Teacher Pre-Primary
Rubi Singh 21 May 2015 M.A, B.Ed, Hindi Assistant Teacher- Hindi Primary
Sachin Bramhankar 01 June 2018 M.A., D.Ed. Assistant Teacher- Marathi Primary & Secondary
Sachin Karangale 03 July 2017 M.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- English Primary Secondary
Sapna Ganvir 25 May 2016 M.Sc. B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- Math Primary & Secondary
Savita Shinde 21 May 2015 M.A, B.Ed., M.Ed Assistant Teacher- Marathi Primary & Secondary
Shailesh Meshram 3-Apr-17 B.A., B.P. Ed., M.P. Ed. (Part- I) P.E. Teacher Pre-primary to Secondary
Shalki Singh 02 April 2018 M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- English Secondary
Sharvari Nagraj 01 August 2018 B.E. Assistant Teacher- Math Primary
Shilpa Jejurkar 01 April 2019 Principal Admin
Shital Aucharmal 01 April 2019 M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (Marathi) Primary & Secondary
Shweta Bhosale 10-Apr-17 M.A (Geography) Assistant Teacher- Geography Primary & Secondary
Shweta Pathak 21 May 2015 B.A (Hindi Literature), Sangeet Visharad. Music Teacher Pre-Primary to Secondary
Smita Joshi 3 September 2018 M.Sc., M.Ed. Senior Coordinator Primary
Sonali Thorat 3 September 2018 HSC, Dip.(Commercial Art) Dance Teacher Pre-Primary to Secondary
Sonali Thul 19 July 2017 M.Sc. (Physics) Assistant Teacher- Science Primary
Sonia Malhotra 21 May 2015 B.A, B.Ed Assistant Teacher Primary
Suchitra Pagar 01 April 2019 M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.) Assistant Teacher (Math & FIT) Primary
Sudeep Subudhi 04 April 2016 M.Sc. Physics, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- Physics Primary & Secondary
Suman Yadav 19 April 2016 M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Teacher Primary
Sunitha Singh 17 January 2019 DECE, B.A Assistant Teacher- Science Pre-Primary
Sushmita Jadhav 01 April 2019 B.A. (Psy.), B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (English) Secondary
Vandanadevi Tiwari 01 April 2019 B.Sc., M.A. (Eng. Lit.), B.Ed. Assistant Teacher (English) Primary
Yogesh Singh 21 May 2015 M.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher- Hindi Secondary
Yogmaya Sharma 21 May 2015 M.A, B.Ed. Assistant Teacher Pre-Primary
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