Which programme is right for you ?

Choice of a school has become a difficult task these days. As every child is differently able he will thrive in different environment too. A good match and a good fit that will enable your child to develop his/her potential and blossom as a whole, will be definitely your choice. We see many types of “right schools”, how to choose? Doing a survey on different schools around will give you the best possible decision. First likely steps would be visiting the schools, speaking to educators or knowledgeable friends. You may also visit websites that evaluate schools, sites that display performance of student and academics makes it crucial whilst choosing a school.

If the child isn’t happy, it doesn’t anymore matters how good the curriculum is coz an unhappy soul won’t engage. So the best way could be to know the teaching and learning along with the climate and culture. If you cannot visit the school try and find out the driving force behind the school, are they educationist? Are they experienced? Talk to people who are associated with them, trusted teachers, counselor are good sources.

Second method could be school brochure, websites, prospectus, local report cards, test scores. Ask yourself: 1. my child likes rules or freedom? 2. Is he outgoing or discreet? 3. Will my child be good in explicit structures and limits or in an flexible environment? Your gut should speak to you.

Visit the school and try to observe a lesson, if you can. Find out the facts such as are the students respectful, are they enjoying, are they engaged, do they raise questions, are they reasoning, do they work alone or they get involved with each other, is your child thriving in the class? All this and many more like ‘is he understanding the material provided, ideas, skill sets?’

How about knowing about the display of the school? The child’s work, is it displayed? Are student portfolios maintained by school? Are the students producing work, like research, essays, reports, graphs, charts, videos, websites? What rubrics are followed with regards to the assessment? Is the student work ‘original product’ and no plagiarism involved? Are there different technologies for students to produce work?

Student need to have an upper level thinking skills, writing skills and they should be good orators too. One needs to review the curriculum delivery pattern to find out if there are opportunities in them. Do students have occasions where they read more than a ‘textbook’, readings like multi culture literature in different genres, ‘classics’ old and new. A curriculum should provide both ideas and facts. It should not be a one to test just student preparation. The curriculum should have subjects that would meet the credits needed at graduation levels and thereby affect college admissions. A good school should provide guidance programmes to students and families for post – secondary education. A counseling session at least.

With a meeting or a formal talk to the staff and the principal you should judge how responsive are they with regards to their concerns, be it student centric or parent centric.

Look up to the school’s vision, mission and motto, does it reflect an ideal graduate? Are there opportunities for advanced study? Are there provision for good sports, if they student is challenged academically. Are there good or enough communication channels for parents to know what my child is learning. What is the best loved thing and the most complaint about of the school?

And yes, lastly, if we speak of the above ideas about an ideal school, we do know how efficiently to tackle and implement them. At PODDAR BRIO International School (CBSE) the curriculum delivery is ‘strength’ and the driving force behind it has a massive collection of ideas to be put on floors.